Windows 10 - Standard Installation and Software

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Computers purchased through one of our preferred vendors will receive a standard software installation, which currently includes the following:

  • Operating system
    • Windows 10 Enterprise
  • Productivity suite / collaboration applications
    • Microsoft Office 365
      • Word (word processing)
      • Excel (spreadsheet)
      • Access (database management)
      • PowerPoint (presentations)
      • OneNote (note-taking)
      • Publisher
      • OneDrive (cloud file storage / replication)
    • Microsoft Teams (team collaboration, replacement for Skype for Business)
  • Internet Browsers
  • Portable document management
  • Text editing
  • File compression
  • Media player
  • Remote connectivity / terminal emulation (SSH, FTP, etc.)
  • Screenshot / video capture
  • Password management

Additional software available includes the following (subject to licensing considerations):

The following applications can be installed by request (subject to applicable approval):

Finally, the following legacy applications can also be installed by request when warranted (subject to applicable approval):

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