When will Microsoft Office 2019 be available?

Microsoft announced Office 2019, which is the stand-alone version of Microsoft Office on September 24, 2018.  Office 2019 includes a subset of features that have been rolled out over the past few years in Office Pro Plus, included with Office 365.  Office 2019 will receive quality and security updates as required, but not feature updates.

If you are running Office Pro Plus from Office 365, you will have most of the features that are included in Office 2019 already, and the rest of the features (like the new ribbon design) will start to roll out in the next few weeks.

ITS recommends that users use Office Pro Plus so that they are always using the latest version of Office, that will have all the feature of functions that work best with Office 365.

Office Pro Plus is installed when your computer is setup by ITS, or you can download it yourself by going to https://portal.office.com, logging into your account, and clicking "Install Office Apps" in the upper right hand corner.

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