How to access your mailbox archive in Outlook?

All e-mail messages that were stored in Lotus Notes mail archives were migrated in the summer of 2015 to Office 365 Online Archive. Users can access their archived messages using Outlook desktop app (Online Archive) and Outlook web app (In-place Archive)

Outlook Desktop App for Windows

You can find the archive on your folder list on the left side. It will appear below the list of folders belonging to your main mailbox, and you may need to scroll down to see it. In Outlook it is called Online Archive.  You must expand this header by clicking on the little triangle icon that appears on the front of "Online Archive -" to view the list of your archive folders.:



If you click on the header itself, no messages will be displayed. This is working as designed.


You  must click on one of the folders listed under the header to display its contents.

Please note that Outlook does not sort your archive folders in the same way Lotus Notes did. Your Inbox folder will not be where you'd normally expected to see it, and you may need to scroll down to see it among the other folders.


Outlook Web App

You can find the archive under your folder list. In Outlook web app it is called In-Place Archive but you must click on it see its list of folders.




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