How do I use the "Email" feature on the Xerox Multifunction Printer?

Here are simplified instructions for using the "Email" feature on the Xerox Multifunction Printer:

Note: Log in with your UWINID is required.

Network Address Book Search:

The Xerox Multifunction Printer is configured to support the University’s LDAP directory. When an entry is made in the To fields, the LDAP directory will display the search results automatically. Use the keypad on the touch screen to enter the e-mail recipient’s name. As with most search facilities, you do not need to enter the full name and can search the address book on the first few letters. When you have entered the e-mail search criteria, select the Enter button. Verify that the results are what you expect.

Scan to e-mail Instructions:

  1. Load you document(s)
  2. Select "Email"
  3. Enter your UWINID (without "") and password using the on-screen keyboard
  4. The To: field will display your U of Windsor email address automatically
  5. To email the scan to others, select "Add Recipient" and then "Network Address Book"
  6. Enter the first name of the recipient and "Search" to find them
  7. Click "View Available Entries" to select the correct recipient if more than one entry is found
  8. Select the desired entry. The selected user(s) will be added.
  9. When finished, click on your name and select "Log Out"


1. University policies for email use apply.

2. Scanned documents are sent to the scanner's email accounts by default, so delete unwanted scans to save space.


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