Xerox/PaperCut Upgrades 2024

PaperCut is a print management software solution that helps organizations securely manage their printing and copying resources. All faculty, staff and students have access to PaperCut for sending jobs to the Xerox printers.  The Web interface can be accessed at PaperCut features include hold/release printing. print via Web uploading, print by sending PDF attachments via email, print from mobile device, and cloud printing.

Note: Access to printing is restricted by physical location or by user-based access control.  Just because you can see that printer in the list, does not mean that you can send print jobs to it.

Find the How-To Instructions for using PaperCut print management software on Xerox Multifunction Devices. Along with project roll-out information

How-To Instructions

For information on how to add and setup your device to send jobs to the printer:

For information on hold/release printing (in use on some departments), and how to use the Xerox device:

Information for PaperCut/Xerox administrators:

In some areas, staff members have access to some of the printer and device options in order to make configuration changes.

Information will be added as it becomes available. Please check back.

Note: The instructions above to not apply for users of printers in the School of Computer Science.  Please consult SCS technicians directly with PaperCut questions.

Xerox/PaperCut Refresh Project

A new joint project, between Procurement Services and IT Services, will see the Xerox multi-function devices (MFD), also known as printers, across campus being refreshed. At the same time PaperCut, a new print management software solution, will also be installed.   

Find high-level information about the project. Detailed information about the roll-out and installation will be shared with directors, departmental managers, departmental contacts, and campus technicians. 

What is Happening? 

Approximately 90 campus MFD’s  will be replaced with new Xerox ltaLink C8155 Series MFDs,, and will receive PaperCut. Another 30 printers will remain in their current location, and PaperCut will be added. The Procurement department has already contacted each area to identify the need to keep, replace, or remove their printer.  

When is delivery of the new MFD? 

The new MFD delivery and installation will start in early May and run through June. An email will be sent to departmental contacts before their printer's replacement or removal.   

On the Xerox unit installation and set-up day for your area, the unit will be unavailable for use from 8:30 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. This is because some of the set-up work will be done offsite. If you need to print or copy a document while your printer is being refreshed, the Print Shop is available to help. If you need to print in a pinch, please contact the Print Shop at ext. 3680, or by submitting your print job online.  

What is PaperCut? 

PaperCut is a print management software solution that helps organizations manage their printing and copying resources. It offers tools and features that enable departments to track, control, and optimize their printers, providing potential savings, improving sustainability, and enhancing security. PaperCut also allows departmental staff to adjust their printer settings and control access. 


See above for How-to guides for printer administrators and users. 

Should you have any questions about the Xerox printer and Papercut roll out, please email


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