How Do I Set Up a Printer/Queue using PaperCut Print Deploy?

How Do I Set Up a Printer Queue using PaperCut Print Deploy (Windows)? 

Before adding or sending jobs a printer/queue, ensure that you are connected to GlobalProtect VPN,                                

  1. Select the PaperCut Print Deploy Client icon in your system tray.
    If Print Deploy is not found, please go to the Company Portal app on your device, and download the PaperCut Print Deploy Client

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  1. Select View my printers

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  1. Select Add Printers. If you do not see a printer, select Refresh

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  1. Select Install for the printer would like to install.  

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You will receive a notification when the printer has been installed.  

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Xerox/PaperCut upgrades are taking place starting in May 2024; this article will be updated to keep campus users apprised of the changes.