How to delegate authority to complete Expense Reports on my behalf?

1. From the UWinsite Finance home screen, click Expenses
2. The Travel and Expenses page is displayed
3. Click on the Gear Icon on the right side and select Manage Delegates
4. The Delegates and Permissions page opens
5. To add a delegate, select the plus symbol (+)
6. In the Person field, type in the delegate’s first and last names in CAPITAL LETTERS. A list will be displayed and the appropriate individual can be selected.
7.Alternative: Click the Search icon in the Person field.
8. In the Search box that opens, type in the delegate’s first name in CAPITAL LETTERS and click Search.
9. From the search list, select the individual and then click OK.
10. Click Save and Close.

NOTE: If delegate is to also create an expense report charging projects, the project box must be checked off on the delegation.

NOTE: In order for your delegate to complete expense reports on your behalf when charging projects (grants), they must be added as a Project Team Member, in addition to yourself,  to any Projects you will be charging. If they are not added to the Project, they will not be permitted to charge the proper account and see all required information. To request being added as a Project Team Member on a Project, please submit a UWinsite Finance Ticket - Modification of Existing Access. Indicate the following information on the ticket details:

  • Which User Name you are an assigned delegate for
  • Project Number(s)
  • Start and End Dates of access require