Delegate Approval Authority/Setting up Vacation Rule

Establishing approval rules provides your delegate with the authority to approve on your behalf.
The responsibility for the approvals still resides with YOU because the amounts will be charged to your account(s).
In addition, your delegate needs to be aware of the University’s policies and the implications of their approval decisions.
Your delegates should be carefully selected to ensure they have the financial knowledge as well as understanding of the repercussions of their decisions.

This option allows you to delegate your authority for approval temporarily. For example: when you are on vacation.

1. From the Home Screen, click the Notification Bell icon in the top menu bar.
2. Select More Details
3. The BPM Worklist window is displayed
4. Click on your Name in the top right hand corner and select Preferences.
5. A new window will open, select Vacation Period in the left hand menu bar
6. Select the check box next to Enable Vacation Period
7. Choose the Start Date and End Date
8. Select the Delegation button (Delegate to)
9. Select the Search icon to look up the person you would like to delegate your approval authority. Fill in information in the search criteria and click Search.
10. Select the radio button of the individual to have delegated authority. Click OK.
11. Click Save to apply the new rule.
12. Click on your name and select Logout.

When setting up Delegation, make sure you are clicking Delegate to and NOT Reassigning to. Reassigning will lead to approval process errors.