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How to recall a message using Outlook 2013, and message recall limitations to be aware of.
Microsoft Outlook offers a feature called Online Archive (Outlook desktop app) / InPlace Archive (Outlook Web app) that once enabled for your mailbox, will reduce its size when it approaches its quota by automatically moving older messages form the mail mailbox to the archive mailbox.
Links to articles providing specific instructions for various platforms and operating systems.
POP and IMAP email clients cannot send messages using due to the server certificate being expired. Users should upgrade to the Outlook email client and configure their email accounts there.
Instructions for duplicating Lotus Notes' "All documents" view in Outlook for Windows
If you want to search by last name only, enter the last name in the To:. CC: or BCC: field, and hit Control+K or click the "Check names button. This will display a dialog with all of the people with that last name. You can then select the correct person based on their first name, title, e-mail address, office address, phone number, etc.
If you have Lotus Notes and Outlook installed on your Windows 7 workstation, you may have to manually update your settings to switch your default e-mail program form Lotus Notes to Outlook. This ensures that Outlook will be used in place of Lotus Notes whenever you click on any so called "mail to" links, such as when you release blocked messages from quarantine by clicking the message ID link in your spam digest message
Instructions for creating e-mail signature in Outlook 2013 for Windows, Outlook for Mac, and Outlook Web App (OWA)
To combat spam and mass-mailing worms or viruses, Microsoft imposes the following limits in Office 365 to messages, senders, or recipients.
A typical e-mail server is configured to try to deliver an e-mail message for a specific period of time, most often 4 days.
Explains why in some cases the Delivery Failure Report does not get generated instantly on failed delivery.