Known Issue: "Hold for Authentication" message when printing to a network queue on macOS

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If you receive a "Hold For Authentication" message when you print to a Xerox printer from your macOS computer, there are two ways of fixing this.

(1) Press the Reset Button

Press the reset button just the far right of the job (to the right of the X cancel button). 

Enter your username and password, and place a check next to the box to remember your credentials if you don't want to enter them each time you print.

If you are not prompted for your username when you press the retry button on the far right, try method 2 below.

(2) Update the Old Credentials

You can update your old credentials (username and password). You will need to do this if you recently changed your UWin Account password.

Passwords are kept in the Keychain. To access the macOS keychain, press the search icon (magnifying glass) in the top right corner of the desktop, just to the right of the current time.

Type Keychain Access and the app will appear and be highlighted.  Press Enter.

Once the Keychain Access app appears, enter uwinad in the top-right search bar. Make sure that you are looking at the login keychain and All Items is selected as the category.

Select the entry for your printer and right click and select "Go There". You will be able to update your password.





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