Creating a Xerox Standard Accounting Code

A Xerox Standard Accounting Code (sometimes called a User ID) can be created via the AltaLink control panel. You will need to know the administrator password of the device. This password is only given to specific people in some departments. If you require access, please submit your request by opening a ticket.

Control Panel Procedure Summary

  1. Press the Home button
  2. Press the Log In button in the upper left corner
  3. Enter admin as the user name and system device password.
  4. Select the Device icon
  5. Select Tools from the menu
  6. Press Accounting Settings, then Accounting Code
  7. Select Xerox Standard Accounting
  8. Select Users & Limits
  9. Press the Add New User button
  10. Enter the User ID (accounting code) and select Next
  11. Enter a descriptive name (friendly name) and press Next
  12. Adjust limits as necessary
  13. Select Done.
  14. Press the close button
  15. Select Admin user icon
  16. Select Logout

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