Xerox AltaLink Driver Installation Instructions for Windows

These instructions refer to installation of Xerox AltaLink Driver for Windows 7 and 10 computers not joined to the campus Active Directory domain. Active Directory users will have the new Xerox printers and their drivers installed automatically, and do not need to follow these instructions.

Printing to the new AltaLink Xerox devices is implemented through Active Directory printer queues. Users should not submit their jobs directly to the Xerox printer (as before with the Workcentres) as this option will be, due to enhanced security, disabled. 

Each AltaLink device will have two printer queues types, Version 3 and Version 4.

  • The Version 3 printer queues are created for Windows 7 and Apple users
  • The Version 4 printer queues are created for Windows 10 users.

The permission to submit print jobs to the queues is controlled by AD groups. The naming conventions are as follows:

Queue Name (version 4) Queue Name (version 3) AD Group Name
DEPT-Xerox DEPT-Xerox-v3 GS-G-DEPT-Xerox
DEPT-Xerox-Location DEPT-Xerox-Location-v3 GS-G-DEPT-Xerox

DEPT is to be replaced by the department’s standard code. The codes are listed in TeamDynamix KB article 53407.

In cases where a department has more than one AltaLink device, the second format will be used, and Location replaced with a description of where the device is located in that department.

Xerox AltaLink printer installation on Windows 7 / 10

If your workstation is on the wireless network, make sure to connect to Uwinsecure since printing is blocked on the Eduroam network.

(1) Open the Windows control panel (Settings/ Devices and Printers) and press the Add a printer link that is above the icons.

(2) After a few moments, the link "The printer that I want wasn't listed" will appear. Click on that link even if you see printers in the list of devices.

(3) Choose "Select a shared printer by name" and enter the network queue name of the printer.

The name should be of the format \\\___ 
Fill in the printer server number and the queue name from the list.

(4) When prompted for a user name and password, enter your UWinID credentials.

It may take a couple of minutes for your computer to download and install the printer driver. 

(5) After the printer is installed, you will see a message similar to the following.

Xerox Accounting Setup (Optional)

Some departments may decide to have the Xerox Standard Accounting functionality for the new Xerox AltaLink printer(s) deployed in their area enabled.  In those cases, users need to supply their individual user code with the print job.

Note: These codes (also referred as User IDs) are provided to users by the departmental secretary.

Printing with Accounting for Windows 7

Version 3 printer queues are created for Windows 7 and macOS users. Windows 7 drivers have all the corresponding printer tabs and accounting functionality embedded within.

Simply send a print job and type in the code (also called User ID) into a pop-up window as shown below. Once the code/User ID is entered, it is remembered and does not need to be re-entered for future printing.

Printing with Accounting for Windows 10

Accounting codes are entered using the Xerox Print Experience app in Windows 10.  This is not part of the driver.  If the app is not already on your system from the Microsoft Store, you can download it here, and run the downloaded file to install.

Follow the wizard and accept the license agreement to install the app.

When you run the Xerox Print Experience app, you can click on the Accounting button to enter the code.

If you do not see the Accounting button, consult the Known Issue article.

Select "Xerox Standard Accounting" to see the options. Enter the accounting code in the User ID field and press OK to save.



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