Installation of IBM/HCL Notes, Domino Designer and Administrator Software

IBM Notes 9 software is a legacy software that should only be installed on managed workstations of users who already have a Notes account or are in process of obtaining one for the purpose of accessing remaining legacy applications such as ARAC or PCEE workflow databases. We are in process of testing a new versions called HCL Notes 11 and 12. At this time, one of this should only be installed in specific cases, such as on Macs with A1 chip that do not support IBM Notes 9.

Microsoft Windows

There are two ways to get this software installed on a managed workstation:

  1. IT staff can add device name to zO365 - Apps - IBM Notes - Install security group in Azure AD portal. This will trigger automated installation on the software on user's managed workstation by Intune service.
  2. User can initiate the installation of this software from the Company Portal app which is pre-installed on every managed workstation.

Once IBM Notes software is installed, user will need to go though the initial setup.

Once the user moves onto a new position that no longer requires access to Notes legacy apps, their workstation should be removed from zO365 - Apps - IBM Notes - Install security group in Azure AD portal and added to zO365 - Apps - IBM Notes - Install security group. This will trigger Intune to un-install the software. At the same time, the user's Notes account should be deleted as part of the off-boarding ticket.

Apple macOS

We do not yet have Notes Intune installer for macOS therefore neither the automated installation on Macs nor installation through the Company Portal app is not possible at this time. While this may be added later, for now the this software has to be installed manually by IT staff. The installer for it can be found in Y2K20 Project team under Application Management channel in Software Installers > IBM Notes 9 folder.

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