Legacy messaging and collaboration software used by faculty and staff: Lotus Notes, iNotes, Traveler, Domino, TeamRooms.

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How can I rebuild my corrupted Lotus Notes bookmark file?

Sometimes your Lotus Notes bookmark file (../Notes/Data/bookmark.nsf) can become corrupt, and this can manifest itself in a few different ways.

How do I install Lotus Notes on my computer?

Instructions for installing Lotus Notes 9.0.1 on a Windows 7 PC.

How do I remove Lotus Traveler account from my BlackBerry smartphone?

Lotus Traveler is a legacy e-mail app for mobiles devices that was used by faculty and staff to access their Lotus Notes e-mail account, which was replaced by the Office 365 e-mail account.

How do I remove Lotus Traveler from my iPhone or iPad?

Lotus Traveler is a legacy e-mail app for mobiles devices that was used by faculty and staff to access their Lotus Notes e-mail account, which was replaced by the Office 365 e-mail account.

How to fix My Vacation and My Lieu Time views in Attendance & O/T tracking app used by IT Services?

This is a known issue caused by the corruption of the so called "private views" inside the app.

How to reinitialize your Lotus Notes client (same user)?

In some situations, some issues with Lotus Notes can be fixed by re-running the initial setup.

How to set up Team Members inside a TeamRoom in Lotus Notes

Setting up Team Members in a TeamRoom is a two step process: 1) Add Team Members inside the TeamRoom Setup, 2) Update Access Control List (ACL).

How to uninstall Lotus Notes from a Windows 7 PC?

After uninstalling Notes through the Control Panel, it is crucial to manually remove Notes folders to ensure that all files are removed from the computer before re-installing Lotus Notes.

How to use the features within a TeamRoom?

The information provided below is also available within each TeamRoom by selecting "Using This Application" from the "Help" menu in Lotus Notes.

Known issue: Lotus Notes crashes after I installed an Adobe Acrobat Professional update

Lotus Notes crashes after Adobe Acrobat Professional update

Post-installation Set-up of IBM Notes (Lotus Notes)

Instructions for post-installation setup of Lotus Notes 9.0.1

Troubleshooting "The server is not responding..." error message in Lotus Notes

Outlines possible causes of the error message "The server is not responding. The server may be down or you may be experiencing..."

What are the benefits and known limitations of the Lotus Notes & Office 365 coexistence environment?

Coexistence environment that establishes high-fidelity interoperability and preserves user workflow between the old platform (Lotus Notes and Domino), and the new platform (Microsoft Office 365)

What are the correct settings on a Location document in Lotus Notes?

Correct settings in your Location document are essential to the problem free functioning of Lotus Notes on your computer.

What are What are Replication and Save Conflicts in Lotus Notes

A replication conflict occurs when two or more users edit in the same document in different replicas between one replication and the next. A save conflict occurs when two or more users edit the same document in an application on a server at the same time.

What is a TeamRoom and how can I get it?

Teamroom is a legacy Lotus Notes based app for information sharing and collaboration. I.T. Services is in process of migrating existing Teamrooms to the equivalent tool in Ofice 365 environment called Groups.

What is the difference between Categories and Document Types in a TeamRoom?

Categories are used to categorize and organize the work, or documents, produced by the team. The document form will 'morph' (change) depending upon the Document Type which is selected at the time the document is created. This does not apply to Categories.

Where do I find notes.ini file on a computer running Windows 7?

In a single-user user installation of Notes, the notes.ini file is located inside the binary files folder. But in a multi-user installation of Notes (default for Windows 7), the notes.ini file is located inside each user's data folder, which by default is hidden.

Where is the Notes.ini file located on the Macintosh?

The equivalent of notes.ini on a Mac OS X workstation is called Notes Preferences file and it is normally hidden. You can get to it following these instructions.

Which Lotus Notes version should I install on my Macintosh workstation?

A list of MAC OS X versions that provide IBM Lotus Notes support.

Why am I getting Execution Security Alert messages?

The Execution Control List (ECL) is an integrated security feature that extends security to the Notes workstation.

Why do I continue to receive TeamRoom overdue notifications?

This occurs when the author of the document specifies a due date and assigns a document to a group of people for review.

Why do I get Windows Security Alert after installing Lotus Notes?

Windows firewall has blocked some features of this program

Why do some document links generate an error message?

Troubleshooting "The linked document cannot be found in the view" error message.