Where is the Notes.ini file located on the Macintosh?

Notes Client on the Macintosh operating system does not use a NOTES.INI file like it does on Windows powered computers. Instead, it has a Notes Preferences file.

This file is located in the user's home directory  From the Finder menu -> Click Go -> Home -> Library -> Preferences

This file is normally "hidden".

First you will need to unhide, then locate it, then edit it like you would a notes.ini file.

1. "Unhide" the Notes Preferences file

Note: The following method makes the user library folder permanently visible.

Launch Terminal: while in Finder -> Go -> Applications > Utilities -> Terminal.
From within Terminal type the following command and press Return:

chflags nohidden ~/Library

Enter the system administrator password, if prompted, and press Return.
Close Terminal for the changes to take effect: From the menu bar -> Click Terminal -> Quit Terminal

2. Locate Notes Preferences file

One method of locating the Preferences file is to initiate a 'Find' for "Notes Preferences" from the desktop.

Another method to locate the file
From the Finder menu -> Click Go -> Home -> Library -> Preferences
Scroll down Notes Preferences file
Double-click on it to edit it.
In Notes 7.0.2 (and later) client, the Notes Preferences file is a plain text file. You can double-click it to edit it in the Mac's TextEdit program.

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