Known Issue: Unable to activate Microsoft Office for Mac

If you install Microsoft Office Pro Plus from the Uwindsor Office 365 portal, and you receive an error message "Unable to Activate Office" please try the following steps to fix the issue:

  1. Ensure you only have one copy of Microsoft Office installed.  If you have multiple copies, uninstall them, and re-install Microsoft Office Pro Plus from the Office 365 portal.
  2. Reset your credentials:
    -Open Spotlight by selecting the magnifying glass at the top right of your desktop.
    -Search for and open Keychain.
    -Type in Office and then delete the data license file
  3. Rule out a Mac user account issue by creating and signing into a new computer account.
    -Click the Apple icon then click  System Preferences.
    -Click Accounts
    -Click the Plus sign [ + ] in the lower left corner to open the new account window. Note If you are not the Administrator of the computer, to be able to add an account, click Click the lock to make changes.  Login using your Administrator user name and password and then press OK.
    -Enter the word  Test  for the user name and leave the password box blank. Click the Create Account button. When you receive a warning, click OK.
    -Click to checkmark Allow User to Administer this computer (If you do not have this check mark, proceed to next step).
    -Click the Apple icon then click Logout out <Account name> of your original account.
    -Login with your Test account and test your Office applications.  If Office successfully activates, log out and log back into your other account, and attempt to activate again.  If your account works in the Test account, but does not work in your existing account, that can indicate your account is corrupted.  You can either contact Apple Support for help, or move your data to the new account and use that going forward.
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