Known Issue: Windows 10 computers using PIN for authentication don't have access to file shares and print queues

Windows 10 has a new feature called Windows Hello. If enabled, it allows users to configure PIN on each of their workstations that can be used to sign into Windows instead of the password, although signing in with a password is still possible on that same workstation. While this option is already on some computers, there are several limitations associated with it that all users should be aware of:

  1. The option to configure PIN is not available on all Windows 10 computers. When you go to Windows Settings and click on Accounts then Sign-in Option, you will see that a button to add a PIN under Windows Hello PIN (Windows 10 version 1903) may be grayed out and a message "This setting is managed by your organization. Contact your admin for more info." is displayed. This is due to the fact that in older versions of Windows 10 the default option was to disable Windows Hello feature.
  2. If you recently procured a new computer with Windows 10 on it, you may be prompted to set up PIN each time you sign into Windows. If you bypass the PIN set up, you will get prompted again the next time you sign into Windows.
  3. Once you set up your PIN, your Windows login page will always default to PIN sign in option although signing in with a password is still possible. In order to sign in with a password, you will first need to click on the Sign-in Options link and click on the icon with a key on it.
  4. Once you sign into Windows using your PIN, you will not automatically have access to file shares or print queues. If you are frequently using these resources, you should use your password to sign into Windows instead of using PIN.


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Mon 7/8/19 4:32 PM
Tue 7/9/19 8:42 AM