Overview of YuJa Enterprise Video Platform

YuJa is an Enterprise Video Platform available for University of Windsor users. It can be a stand-alone tool or individual media can be linked within a Brightspace course site. YuJa allows you to create, upload, and share your videos and other media and have your videos auto-captioned for accessibility. There is an online, easy-to-use video editor and a mobile app. It is available for all campus users.

Logging into YuJa through a browser 

  • Log in directly through the YuJa website (UWinID and password required) at http://uwindsor.yuja.com 
  • Ensure the University of Windsor Single-Sign-On is selected from the Login Using: drop-down. Click the Login button. When prompted, enter your UWin ID username and password, and you may have to authenticate with multi-factor authentication. 

YuJa's University of Windsor Login in the upper right corner of http://uwindsor.yuja.com

  • A YuJa account is not required to view a video unless the author has requested that you authenticate first.

Accessing YuJa from Brightspace

There are several locations within Brightspace where all users can access YuJa.  Using the Brightspace text editor, YuJa is available from the Insert Stuff icon within any area. Brightspace editor toolbar with Insert Stuff icon highlighted 

From there, you can select the YuJa Media Chooser to embed videos you have on your YuJa account.  

Instructors can also synchronize their classist with YuJa in a Brightspace Content section from the Existing Activities menu option and select the YuJa Quicklink. This is also the ONLY location where you should embed a quiz into your course site to have the grading function properly. For more on embedding YuJa content, see Brightspace's support article.

Finding Help

YuJa has a 24/7 support site with articles, videos, chat, and a location to request support through a direct ticket at support.yuja.comDirect support is in the "Talk to Us" section at support.yuja.com

If your question only applies to UWindsor (your account access issues), don't hesitate to contact the YuJa Support team through a TeamDynamix ticket and include YuJa in your description

If you would like a one-on-one consultation on best practices for using YuJa in your courses, please email ooltech@uwindsor.ca, and we will schedule a time to work with you.

Learning YuJa

YuJa's Video Tutorial Collection 

Hands-On Workshops

The Office of Open Learning Workshop series offers regular training times to get introduced to YuJa and what it can do.  The sessions are geared toward instructors, staff, and students with teaching responsibilities.


Getting Started



Media Management


Ways to Use YuJa

  • Content creators can build videos either online or from a desktop application.
  • The desktop application allows multiple input sources, including cameras, microphones, audio, and screens.
  • The web application allows for simple and easy video recording.
  • There is a web editor for videos that features ways to trim the video at the beginning or end, cut out parts of the video, add slides or images, add text overlays, and use other annotation features.
  • There is a mobile app that, when connected to your online account, easily records video and uploads it to your account for online editing or sharing.
  • Videos are auto-captioned, increasing the accessibility of the content for all users.  Authors must review captions for accuracy but can edit captions in the web interface.
  • Users can make notes for download when viewing the video to facilitate enhanced learning.
  • Videos can be published to one or more channels, shared with individuals with different access levels, embedded into Blackboard, shared via a public playlist, or shared externally with a public link.
  • Software capture software has been enabled on classroom consoles so instructors can record their class with hyflex equipment and access the video to edit or share once they leave class.
  • Instructors can create quizzes in YuJa to be able to share with their classes and use for grades with an accompanying Grade Centre column.
  • Instructors can easily create recordings of their PowerPoint presentations and, if interested, can use a webcam that shows the instructor sharing content simultaneously with the content on the screen.  Multiple input sources allow for multiple tracks of content that can be edited as desired.
  • YuJa's desktop video recording application, Software Capture, is available and should be installed through the University Company Portal app to ensure it will be regularly updated. There is a PC version, as well as an Apple version of Software Capture. The Knowledge Base (KB) article #142851 details how you can install YuJa Software Capture and other University software through the Company Portal.

If you want to chat with someone one-on-one about YuJa, email ooltech@uwindsor.ca, and an appointment can be arranged.


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YuJa is a robust video enterprise platform that the University of Windsor has licensed for all campus users as of May 2021.