CallPilot Voicemail

The University of Windsor uses the CallPilot voicemail system which can be accessed from your office phone, or from an external number:

  • The access number for CallPilot our phone system from an outside location is 519-253-3000, EXT. 7777.
  • To access CallPilot from a telephone within your organization press Message or Dial 7777.
  • A fast method of leaving a message is to use Express Messaging, The access number for this service is 6777.
  • Your voicemail password must have a minimum of 5 digits.
  • You should change your password every 90 days. 
  • Before reusing an old password it must be changed 3 times.
  • You have 2 invalid logon attempts per session.
  • You have 6 invalid logon attempts before your mailbox is disabled.
  • Each message you leave or receive can be up to 3 minutes in length.
  • Your mailbox will store 20 minutes of messages.
  • When your mailbox is 75% full you will receive a reminder to delete some messages.
  • Once you have listened to a message you can leave it in your mailbox for 14 days.
  • You can record a message now and delay deliver for up to 31 days.
    NOTE: If you have not listened to a message (e.g.: while on vacation) it will remain in your mailbox indefinitely.

You can also request that your mailbox be enabled for on-line access. This will allow you to access your mailbox through a Web browser at the following URL:

This web interface offers the following functionality:

  • review messages currently in your mailbox
  • listen to you messages on your computer
  • manage your mailbox (i.e. delete messages, forward messages, change preferences)
  • enable call forwarding to another extension
  • enable e-mail notifications for each voicemail message
  • set up a rule to forward each voice mail message to your e-mail address as an e-mail with .wav attachment
  • change your CallPilot mailbox password
  • set up extension number to transfer the call to when caller presses zero
  • block callers from leaving a message
  • manage distribution lists
  • enable/disable 'message waiting' indicator on your office phone

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Requesting Assistance

Have a question about this service? Ask it here.

To request assistance with any CallPilot related issues, please click on the Open Ticket button on the right. This will bring up a form that you will need to fill-out and submit to open a support ticket with the I.T. Service Desk. You will receive a confirmation e-mail with the ticket reference number and additional instructions.