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Password Resets

Request password reset for Lotus Notes, Novell, SIS, Fluid Surveys, Longitude

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UWin Account

Your UWin Account is your personal digital identification for accessing a number of on-line services at the University of Windsor. A valid and active UWin Account is required of everyone associated with the University of Windsor who plans on using any of the IT systems and services.

Report Compromised UWin Account

Report of suspected unauthorized access of your UWin Account resulting from phishing or other fraudulent activities.

Guest Wireless UWin Account

Faculty and staff can request WiFi account for their guests.

UWin Friend Account

A UWin Friend Account is a guest account that allows someone who is not entitled to a UWin Account to access some of the University of Windsor online systems that require authentication. It does not, however, automatically authorise that person to use any services.

Employee I.T. Onboarding and Offboarding

I.T. Services will assist with I.T. related employee onboarding (workstation setup, office telephone service, access to systems and resources), and offboarding (termination of access, workstation redeployment).

Academic and Research Computing (ARC1) Unix Account

The University of Windsor maintains a Unix server named ARC1 (which stands for Academic and Research Computing). It offers a number of Unix applications as well as some analytical programs.