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Brightspace, Classrooms & AV Equipment, Computer Labs, UWinsite Student, mySuccess (Orbis) Portal, ARC1 Unix Server

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AV, Classrooms & Computer Labs

General purpose and specialised computer labs and classrooms across campus; audio-visual equipment used in classrooms.


Scanning of Testing Scoring and Student Evaluation of Teaching (SET) sheets (SET is being retired).

Leddy Library Services

Leddy Web-Based Content (Alma/Primo, Journal Access, Omni...), Leddy Classroom, Hardware and Software

Student Perception of Teaching (SPT)

Starting Fall 2023, the University of Windsor is implementing the Senate approved Student Perceptions of Teaching (SPTs), formerly the Student Evaluations of Teaching (SETs).

Services (17)

Brightspace LMS

Brightspace is the new Learning Management System (LMS) that the University of Windsor implemented campus-wide in January 2023 and replaced Blackboard Learn.

Request for Access to Brightspace Sites (Faculty, Administration and Staff Only)

Request for access to single or multiple Brightspace sites for Faculty, Administration and Staff Only.
NOTE: This form is not meant to be completed by students seeking access to their registered courses’ Brightspace sites as the visibility of those sites are controlled by the instructors. If after contacting your instructor you are still having access issues, please submit a Brightspace ticket instead. www.uwindsor.ca/brightspace

YuJa Enterprise Video Platform

YuJa is a robust video enterprise platform that the University of Windsor has licensed for all campus users as of May 2021.


Gradeflow allows instructors to transfer grades from Brightspace to UWinsite Student.

Microsoft SharePoint (Sites/Teams/Groups)

Microsoft SharePoint is a cloud-based service that helps University of Windows faculty, staff, students and community partners share and manage content, knowledge, and applications to empower teamwork, quickly find information and seamlessly collaborate across the organization.

Microsoft Stream

Microsoft Stream is the video storage and streaming service, similar to YouTube, that is part of University's Office 365 subscription.

UWinsite Student

Launched November 2018, UWinsite Student is the University of Windsor’s student information platform that replaced the legacy Student Information System commonly known on campus as SIS, Forte, or myUWindsor.ca. Used primarily by students, faculty and staff, UWinsite Student also serves applicants and alumni.

mySuccess (Orbis) Portal

mySuccess is the University of Windsor’s platform to support career and experiential education.

SoCA Safety Training

The SoCA Safety Training site is used by the School of Creative Arts to ensure that students are trained on the safe use of machines and tools found in the SoCA workshops before they granted access to those workshops.

Curriculum Mapping Aid (CuMA)

CuMA is a curriculum mapping tool that also serves as an archive of all Senate-approved learning outcomes at the University of Windsor. CuMA allows you to create or revise course and program learning outcomes for submission to PDC, build curriculum maps to visualize how courses align to program outcomes, and export your curriculum-related data to Excel for further analysis.

CuMA is available online at: https://ctl2.uwindsor.ca/cuma/ . A UWin ID is required in order to sign in.

Academic & Research Computing (ARC1) Unix Server

The University of Windsor maintains a Unix server named ARC1 (which stands for Academic and Research Computing). It offers a number of Unix applications as well as some analytical programs.

Continuing Education Registration

University of Windsor Continuing Education offers workshops, seminars, certificates and more that users can register for at register.continue.uwindsor.ca

Nursing Clinical Evaluations (CPE)

The Clinical Evaluations tool (also known as "Digital CPE"), used by the Faculty of Nursing, allows Nursing students and Clinical Instructors to document and evaluate the clinical performance of students during their practical clinical placements.


Read&Write is a suite of software tools designed to assist in the areas of research, studying, and of course, reading and writing. It can also function as a screen reader.


Equatio is free tool for anyone at UWindsor looking for digital math tools.

Blackboard Learn (RETIRED)

Blackboard is the Learning Management System (LMS) that the University of Windsor supports. It is a robust system with several communication tools including Announcements, Discussions, and a Virtual Classroom called Blackboard Collaborate Ultra; multiple assessment options such as Tests and Assignments; and interactive tools including Journals, Blogs, Discussions and Wiki.

uView Video Streaming (RETIRED)

uView is a legacy system for uploading and sharing videos related to the University, teaching and learning, and research. It is being replaced by Microsoft Stream And Yuja. Starting in Spring 2022, you will no longer be able to upload videos into uView. Later in 2022, the uView system will be shut down.