Student UWin Account - Provisioning & Lifecycle

The UWin Account is a personal digital identification for accessing a number of online services at the University of Windsor. A valid and active UWin Account is required of everyone associated with the University of Windsor who plans on using any of the IT systems and services.

Each UWin Account has an "account type" designation. This designation determines which specific services are associated with the UWin Account. Each user can view their account type and other details by signing into The identity management system will assign multiple "roles" to each user, in cases where the user has multiple relationships with the university. The system will resolve multiple assigned roles down to a single account type following predefined priority rules (see: UWinRoleCodes Attribute for more info).

Applicant (J)

When a prospective student applies for admission to the University of Windsor, their application is processed by the Office of the Registrar. Once the application is processed, the Office of Registrar sends an e-mail to the address the applicant provided on their application. This application acknowledgement e-mail includes the applicant's Student Number and PIN and instructs them to visit UWinsite Student landing page and click on the FIRST TIME-ACCOUNT ACTIVATION box. Alternatively, the applicant can go to site and click on Account Activation then select UWindsor Student (First Time) under Account Type.

In both scenarios, they will land on the First-time student / applicant account activation page where they will need to enter their Student Number and PIN to retrieve their system-assigned UWin ID and start the UWin Account activation process, which includes selecting initial password.

Once activated, their UWin Account will be designated as Applicant (J). However, the account status at this point is set to NEW, even though the account has been activated. This type of account allows access only to the following systems/services:

Confirmed Student (K)

Once an applicant confirms their acceptance offer in UWinsite Student or in other ways, their UWin Account designation will automatically transition from Applicant (J) to Confirmed Student (K). At this point, the account status is still set to NEW even though the account is active and being used. This type of account still allows access only to the following systems/services:

Confirmed students will then receive an e-mail message requesting that they "extend" their UWin Account. During this process, they will be asked to:

Extending their UWin Account sets its status to ACTIVE, and adds access to the following additional services:

To extend their UWin Account services, they will need to click on the link included in the e-mail ( and enter their Student Number and PIN. 

Undergraduate (U) and Graduate (G) Student

Once a student registers for their first course, their UWin Account designation will transition automatically from Confirmed Student (K) to Undergraduate Student (U) or Graduate Student (G), depending of their level of study.

This type of account allows access to the following systems/services, in addition to systems/services that they had access to as Confirmed Student:

  • mySuccess (Orbis) portal

Undergraduate/Graduate Student UWin Account will stay active as long as student:

  • is enrolled in one or more courses
  • is enrolled in a co-op programme
  • has successfully graduated

The account will remain active for three semesters from the term of last enrolment in courses or co-op programme, after which an e-mail notification will be sent two weeks prior to the account being deactivated. Exceptions to this rule are:

  • student has deferred to future term
  • a special exception has been granted by the faculty of department

Medical Student (H)

UWin Account of a student enrolled in the Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry Windsor Campus will be designated as Medical Student (H). This type of account allows access to the following systems/services:

  • UWinsite Student (only people who graduated from University of Windsor)
  • e-mail address that forwards mail to their Western University e-mail account
  • EDUROAM campus Wi-Fi network

Alumni (A)

Following successful graduation, an alumni role will automatically be added to the student account. Once all other student type roles expire, the account will automatically transition into Alumni (A). This type of account allows access to the following systems/services:

  • UWinsite Student
  • EDUROAM campus Wi-Fi network
  • UWindsor e-mail account in Office 365 (Exchange/Outlook); no access to OneDrive nor other Office apps.

Returning Students

Returning students can have more than one role assigned to their account. The primary role will be the most relevant one and will become their account designation/type. For example, a person who graduated and came back to enroll in graduate studies, will have their primary role ranging from J through G (depending on where they are in application process), and a secondary role being Alumni (A).


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