Messaging & Collaboration

E-mail, chat and on-line meetings (Teams), Microsoft 365, personalised e-mail address, listserv.

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Productivity, collaboration, and messaging platform for faculty, staff and students.

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IBM Notes & Domino

IBM Lotus Notes and Domino Designer are legacy tools that were used by faculty and staff for e-mail, web publishing, and collaboration.

UWin Gmail - Retiring Soon

UWin Gmail service ended on April 30th 2022. As of January 2020, all incoming students are being provisioned with Office 365 / Outlook e-mail account instead of UWinGmail account. All users with UWin Gmail accounts in good standing have been migrated to Microsoft 365 / Outlook in Summer 2020. Accounts that were not migrated have been disabled and can no longer be accessed.


A Listserv is a method of communicating with a group of people via e-mail.