File hosting and sharing service in Microsoft Cloud.

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Pinned Article Restoring Deleted Files

If you accidentally delete a file or folder in OneDrive, you may can recover it from the OneDrive recycle bin.

Pinned Article What is OneDrive Sync Client?

The OneDrive Sync Client is one of the apps included in Microsoft Office 2013 and 2016. Once configured, it lets you connect to and sync files from your University of Windsor OneDrive for Business.

Can I sync my personal and University of Windsor OneDrive on the same computer?

You can add your personal OneDrive, if you have a Hotmail account, to the OneDrive Sync Client and sync all your files, work-related and personal, on the same computer.

Can multiple people be editing the same MS Office file stored on OneDrive at the same time?

One of the benefits of storing MS Office files on OneDrive as opposed to on the shared network drives is that multiple people can work on the same file at the same time, but there are some caveats.

How can I check space usage on my OneDrive?

How to tell how much space you have , and how much space you have used so far.

How do I find out who has an Excel workbook locked in OneDrive for Business?

How do I find out who has an Excel workbook locked in OneDrive for Business?

How to change the default OneDrive folder location on Windows 10?

When you're running out of space on your primary drive, use this guide to help move your OneDrive files to another location on Windows 10.

How to install and setup OneDrive app on a Mac?

Instructions for OneDrive Mac users.

How to install OneDrive Sync client for Windows?

This article explains how to install and configure Sync Client for Microsoft OneDrive.

Known Issue: OneDrive duplicate files

In some situations, duplicate files can appear on OneDrive: one with the the original file name, and a duplicate with the same file name with the PC name appended.

OneDrive Restrictions and Limitations

OneDrive for Business limits and restrictions

Request Files Feature on OneDrive

Microsoft OneDrive has a feature called Request Files that allows you to choose a folder where others can upload files using a link that you send them. People you request files from can only upload files; they can't see the content of the folder, edit, delete, or download files, or even see who else has uploaded files.

Uploading files to OneDrive

Instructions for uploading folders and files to OneDrive.

What are the guidelines for using OneDrive for Business at the University of Windsor?

One Drive for Business should be used to store your work-related files, in accordance with the University of Windsor acceptable use policy.

Why do I have multiple OneDrive icons in my Windows Tray and Windows Explorer Favourites?

Some users may see up to three OneDrive icons in their Windows System Tray. Blue icons are for the University of Windsor OneDrive, and a white icon is for the personal OneDrive.

Why don't I see the status indicators in my OneDrive for Business on my Mac?

How to display the OneDrive for Business status indicator icons on Mac