Make and manage appointments for office hours, consultations or service visits.

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Cancelling an appointment that was made through Microsoft Bookings

This article provides instructions on how to properly cancel an appointment that was made through Microsoft Bookings. An appointment that was made in Microsoft Bookings cannot be cancelled by deleting it from your Outlook calendar.

Known issue: Medical students unable to create bookings on some sites

Some bookings sites have access restricted to allow only University of Windsor faculty, staff and students to create bookings. This prevents medical students, who have their Microsoft school accounts with the University of Western Ontario, from being able to create bookings if they are already signed in with their account.

Using Microsoft Bookings to Automate Appointments

Bookings is an application that lets users create appointments through a Web page. Bookings will check for availability and automatically create calendar entries for staff, based on a number of criteria that is managed by the Bookings administrator for that group or unit.