Software that protects your devices from viruses, spyware and other threats.

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Cortex XDR Endpoint Protection and Response

Cortex XDR is the new campus endpoint protection / antivirus solution.

Getting started with Microsoft Defender

Microsoft Defender is the simple way to protect your digital life and all of your devices. It's included as part of your Microsoft 365 work or school subscription at no extra cost.

How to confirm that Real-time protection is On for a University-owned Computer

Confirming Real-time protection is set to ON for university-owned computers

Installing Cortex XDR on macOS

Provides installer and instructions for Cortex XDR on macOS.

Is my my office computer protected from viruses and other malware?

All managed Windows 10/11 and macOS computers are already protected by Microsoft Defender for Endpoint. No additional antivirus software should be installed on these computers.

Removal of Cortex XDR

This article explains how to request removal of Cortex XDR from a device.