Media Production & Special Event Services

Audio-Video production & special events services, photography, audio and video conferencing, uView video streaming.

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Audio-Visual Equipment Reservations

Faculty, staff and students can order equipment for their class or event to fulfill AV requirements for rooms without integrated media systems.

Videoconferencing Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Everything that you need to know before you schedule your videoconferencing call.

Videoconferencing Tips for Organisers and Participants

Useful information for organisers and participants of videoconferencing calls.

Wireless Presentation using the Airtame 2

Using the Airtame wireless presentation device in UCC206.

Video tutorial on uploading and sharing videos with uView.

Learn how to use uView service by watching this short video tutorial.

How to manage room reservations in Outlook Online at

If you are listed as an administrator of a room, you can add reservations for this room directly onto room's calendar in Outlook Online.

How to reserve television studio, sound studio, or video conference room using Outlook

To reserve one of the studios in Erie Hall, you can submit your request using Outlook. Note that your request will be submitted for approval and your reservation will not be complete until you receive a confirmation message.