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UWin Account and other system accounts, including how to change passwords and reset forgotten passwords.
UWin Gmail (students) and Office365/Outlook (faculty/staff), instant messaging and on-line meetings (Skype).
Audio-visual equipment and support, videoconferencing, professional media production services, engineering and audio-visual consulting.
Blackboard/CLEW LMS, Clickers, Echo 360, Classrooms
eDS, VIP, FIS, SIS, Library, Alumni, Research and other academic and administrative systems.
myUWindsor student portal and mobile app, mySuccess (Orbis), Student Information System (SIS)
Website design (Drupal), maintenance, Fluid Surveys, Sharepoint
Microsoft Office, Lotus Notes, virus protection, Novell client, operating systems (Windows & Mac OS X), and browsers.
General hardware, non-networked printers, office moves
Includes wireless (WiFi), wired network, VPN, and Internet access.
Novell and Microsoft Active Directory network drives on file servers, OneDrive, networked printers, Xerox copiers.
Telecommunication work orders, office phones, mobile phones, directory updates.
I.T. training options
Scanning of Testing Scoring and Student Evaluation of Teaching (SET) sheets.

Articles (2)

How to access and update my tickets on I.T. Services Client Portal?

Users can track progress on their tickets and provide feedback directly to I.T. staff assigned to work on their requests.

How to open a ticket on IT Service Desk Client Portal?

Learn how to submit service requests and report issues by opening tickets on the I.T. Services Client Services Portal, and then track progress on your request, and submit feedback to I.T. staff working on your request.