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UWin Account and other system accounts, including how to change passwords and reset forgotten passwords.

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New account, password resets/changes, shared secrets and general support.

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How do I change my Windows Profile Password in Windows 7 Enterprise

How to change profile password in Windows 7

How do I change or reset my Active Directory password?

It is not possible to change Active Directory password on its own. To change it, you have to change your UWin password.

How do I make my password secure?

Best practices for secure passwords

How to change Novell passwords using NWADMN32 utility?

This article is intended for I.T. staff that has access to change Novell passwords for other users.

How to change your Novell password in Windows?

How to reset your Novell password in Windows

What is the University's policy for using electronic devices to access the University's systems and data?

A link to the Electronic Device Security Policy that was was created in 2008 to establish safeguards for password protected access to confidential information on portable, fixed media and other computing hardware, including the connection of devices to the campus network.