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Pinned Article How to log into Brightspace

Users can access Brightspace using their UWin Account credentials

Blackboard Bare Bones Basics Video for Instructors

The Centre for Teaching and Learning has created a six minute video tutorial about Blackboard that covers the most common tasks that instructors will need to perform.

Blackboard Bulk Notifications Settings occasionally not working (Resolved)

The Bulk Notification Settings are not working properly, and there is no fix at this time to repair this issue.

Blackboard's Quick Start Guide for Instructors

Summary of essential tasks for instructors who are new to Blackboard, includes a printable PDF file.

Clearing an Attempt in Grade Center

Instructions for instructors on how to clear a failed attempt in the Grade Centre.

Getting started with Blackboard - A guide for faculty and staff

An overview of Blackboard that every instructor should read.

Getting started with Blackboard - A guide for students

An overview of Blackboard that every student should read.

How accessible is Blackboard interface?

A link to Blackboard help topic that discusses accessibility.

How can an instructor divide students into groups?

The groups tool allows instructors to create groups of students within a course.

How do I access existing graded assignments as I have to regrade one?

Explains where instructors and TA's can find assignment submissions once they have been graded so they can be reviewed once again and remarked.

How do I add a column to my Grade Center?

Columns are created in the Blackboard Grade Center. These columns are used to track graded activities that are done externally from Blackboard, such as handwritten midterm and final examinations.

How do I add an extra credit mark into my Grade Centre?

Blackboard offers a method to add extra credit marks.

How do I add TAs or other instructors to my course?

Instructions for instructors who wish to add additional users to their site, such as teaching assistants, to help administer the course site.

How do I adjust the e-mail settings within Blackboard?

The e-mail tool allows you to send e-mail messages to other people in your course from within Blackboard Learn without launching an external email program,

How do I avoid formatting issues when using the Text Editor?

Tips for using Blackboard's content editor.

How do I create an announcement?

Announcements are a way to deliver messages to your students through Blackboard.

How do I export my course and reimport it for reuse?

Blackboard offers a feature to export your course materials and reimport them into another course.

How do I get a Blackboard site for the course that I'm teaching?

Once your course code is entered into the Student Information System (SIS), and you are connected to that course in the SIS as the Instructor of Record, a regular process runs and will automatically create a "Course Shell." This shell is not available to students until you make it available.

How do I get an Organization Site?

Requesting Organization Site in Blackboard

How do I grade assignment submissions and use the online editor?

This webpage provides instructions on how to grade assignments submitted by students through Blackboard.

How do I hide unneeded courses?

Blackboard offers a method to manage the courses tab, which overtime can become crowded and disorganized.

How do I make my Blackboard course site available to students?

How to set Course Availability (formerly LAUNCH THIS SITE in CLEW)

How do I release final exam grades from the Grade Centre?

Instructions for instructors on how to release final exam grades from the Grade Centre, and what to do to adjust a final grade before exporting to eGrade.

How do I resolve student issues with Tests?

Sometimes students will report issues when completing a test such as connection loss or errors.

How do I submit an assignment?

Here are some quick tips if you are having difficulty with submitting an assignment in Blackboard.

How to allow students additional attempts for assignment submission?

If a student has submitted the maximum number of attempts for an assignment, you can allow an additional attempt.

How to assign roles and permissions in Blackboard?

Permissions allow users to access certain features of a course or organization site, depending on their Roles and on the decisions made by the site owner and the system administrator. Roles are simply collections of permissions.

How to configure test availability exceptions?

For various reasons, course instructors may want to change the way tests are available to specific students in the course. The Test Availability Exception feature allows instructors to create exceptions for specific students or groups of students based on a number of criteria.

How to enable adaptive release for an assignment?

Step by step instructions for the instructor on how to enable adaptive release for an assignment.

How to find your course in Brightspace for Students

Brightspace course are visible to registered students once the instructor has activated the course site.

How to import data to Grade Center?

We created a Blackboard tool for importing grade data into Blackboard's Grade Center. This tool is mainly used to help Instructors import Scantron data.

How to Make your Brightspace Course Site Active or Available to Students

Steps on how to make a course site available or active for students.

How to use BlackBoard Roster tool?

Roster tool allows users to view a searchable list of students enrolled in your course.

I just created a test, where is it?

When tests or surveys are created in Blackboard, there are not automatically deployed and sent out to students.

Is there a list of videos for instructors which contain materials just to get started with Blackboard?

Videos and articles associated with the basic tasks discovered when needing to get started with Blackboard at UWindsor. Most are from the Blackboard Learn: On Demand Tutorials site, but some pertain to local procedures at the University of Windsor.

Known Issue: Availability lock icon not functioning before/after term dates

The availability lock icon produces an access denied error when used outside of the default term dates.

Known Issue: Blank File Uploads when using Microsoft Edge

There is an issue affecting file uploads using Microsoft Edge if these files are opened after they are selected for upload.

Known Issue: Cannot save dropdown rubric feedback without making selection

If feedback is provided in a dropdown rubric without making a grading selection, that feedback will be lost without warning upon saving.

Known Issue: Downloading Colloborate Launcher

An error is encountered when downloading the Collaborate launcher with Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge

Known Issue: Error encountered when students access discussion board through Whats New Module

If a student attempts to access the discussion board through a link found in the What's New module, they will receive an error message.

Known Issue: Feedback files uploaded to a group wiki are inaccessible

Files uploaded to the "Feedback to Learner" textbox in group wikis are inaccessible to anyone.

Known Issue: Files with Spaces in File Names Cannot be Exported from Apps on iOS

A known issue in Blackboard is preventing students from exporting files that contain spaces in their names.

Known Issue: Font replacement causes formatting issues with Word document assignment submissions

Due to a bug with the inline grading convertor, fonts are replaced in word documents, causing unexpected formatting changes.

Known Issue: Highlights made with New Box View appear erractic and off the page

The highlighting annotation tool in Blackboard can sometimes act erractly, leaving spaces in the highlight, or the highlight may enter the right margin of the page.

Known issue: Incorrect word count reported in assignments

When you copy and paste from word into the Blackboard content editor it does carry over the formation and spacing tags along with it.

Known Issue: Missing Scroll Bars in Browsers of Mac Users in Grade Centre

Fix to remedy missing scroll bars in Grade Centre on a Mac

Known Issue: Peer and Self Assessment Tool - Partial Grading for Students not Functioning as Intended

Partial Grading option for Self and Peer Assessment tool for student grading only allows whole numbers to be used, not partial decimals. No workaround available at this time except for a partial grade to be sent to the instructor for manual override in the Grade Centre cell.

Known Issue: SafeAssign report not generated for Mobile app submissions

Assignment submissions made through the Blackboard app will not be checked through SafeAssign if that option is enabled.

Known Issue: Youtube Mashup tool produces a 403 error

Users of the YouTube Mashup feature will encounter a 403 error upon its use. A workaround is available to embed videos into your Blackboard site.

Merging Blackboard Sections into a Single Site

Merging Blackboard Sites into One Main Site

Start of semester checklist for instructor

Instructor Semester Checklist will ensure that you are ready to work with your course to start a new semester.

What browsers are supported with Blackboard?

Test your browser to see if it is supported with Blackboard using the online browser checker tool.

What is the student preview tool?

The Student Preview Tool is a tool that enables instructors to review course content and course behaviors such as content availability.

What on-line resources are available to instructors on Blackboard?

List of Blackboard help articles by topic, and other on-line resources

What on-line resources are available to students on Blackboard?

Getting Started guide, list of Blackboard help topics, "UWindsor Students Using Blackboard" video.

Where can I find on-line resources on CLEW?

Provides a link to the CLEW Wiki

Where do I find my courses on Blackboard?

Courses on Blackboard can be accessed in many ways.

Where do I find some help about Copyright?

Link to a Web site designed to assist you in learning about copyright in order that you can address the copyright issues that are important for your scholarly work.

Why can't I see a course I'm registered in on Blackboard?

There are many reasons why a course you are enrolled in does not appear in Blackboard.

Why can't I see a course I'm teaching on Blackboard?

Courses in Blackboard are automatically generated for instructors. However, there are some reasons when a course may not be generated automatically.

Why can't my students see the Blackboard Collaborate virtual classroom?

How to create a course menu item to correspond to the Blackboard Collaborate tool to give students access to tool.

Why can't my students see the grades or feedback I left for them?

Students can view their grades through the My Grades link located in the left menu.